Lower Taxes, Smaller Government and More Liberty

By: Scott | August 03, 2013


Just wanted to express my feelings about how I feel about being part of this group. We have a great base to work from and hope we can live up to everyone's expectations. I have pretty high goals of what we can do and am looking forward to exceeding them. I have been getting a lot great feedback and we haven't really started. Just being around other people that believe in our country and know liberty is what our country was built on, is something that will keep me energized. Now is the time to stop talking and start doing.

I will use this blog to talk about issues and ways we can act on them. It will be open for others also that have something to say. I want this group and blog to be positive. With what's going on, it will be hard but if we have solutions and get victories along the way, we can use this to keep us going.

Spread the word that we are alive and kicking. The more we can get to join in with us the stronger we will become. I am looking forward to joining up with other groups locally and state wide so that we can be a force that will have to be reckoned with in the days, weeks, months and years to come!

To Liberty! Scott

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